It’s a Mystery: The Mortal Sickness, by Andrew Taylor

4.0 out of 5 stars Lydmouth II

Jill Francis, six months after her relocation from London, is starting to adapt to village life, but the village has yet to adapt to her. Perhaps her new job, reporting for the local paper, will help. As she is researching the medieval chalice owned by the local church, she stumbles across a murder. Jill and fellow newcomer, Inspector Thornhill, are once again obliged to cross paths, a circumstance with neither relishes, in spite of a strange attraction that lurks in the awareness of each. In this second installment of the Lydmouth Series, readers meet several new characters, most notably Alec Sutton, the new vicar, and his wife Mary, who writes detective novels under a pseudonym for fear of what people might say. The Mortal Sickness lacks the edginess necessary for real suspense, but it’s more than a mere crime novel. The interaction among the inhabitants of this small, post WWII community, along with their motivations, secrets, hopes, and failures, takes center stage this time around.


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