It’s a Mystery: Gallows Lane, by Brian McGilloway


4.0 out of 5 stars Good, bad, north, south

Ben Devlin is a good copper, in the best sense. He’s also a devoted husband and father, and, in Gallows Lane, he struggles to reconcile his two chief roles in life. To complicate matters, he lives in the “borderlands”, where Northern Ireland and the Republic bump right into each other.

Ben’s trying to be fair to a newly released ex-con, whom he’s been assigned to shoo up to the north, when a murder occurs on his turf, at a housing development that’s being raised on land that’s seen its fair share of history. It doesn’t take long for things to get very messy indeed, and before he knows which end is up, Ben’s family’s being threatened by some very rough characters. Gallows Lane is an intelligent mystery that bumps right into the complications of modern life and modern policing. Nothing cosy going on here. Devlin is one of the good guys, and reading his cases is a real treat. Well done, author McGilloway.


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