Watch This: Last Chance Harvey

4.0 out of 5 stars Taking chances

Harvey is a failed American husband, father, and musician who flies to London to attend the wedding of his only daughter. Kate is a lonely English woman who had spent her life playing it safe and expecting disappointment. When their paths happen to cross, Harvey strikes up a conversation with Kate, and they spend the rest of the day walking about London together. Kate is attracted to Harvey’s simple, humorous chatting-up approach, and he likes her straightforwardness. Over the course of two days, these two “failures” form a bond that just may last.

Hoffman and Thompson turn in a pair of subtly nuanced, genuine performances in which each “becomes” their character, allowing the audience to forget that they’re actors. In keeping with the overall mood of the piece, lighting and backgrounds are consistently muted, while supporting performances are competent yet ancillary. Last Chance Harvey is a wistful, gentle, and appealing little romance, perfect for spending a quiet evening at home. No bells and whistles here, just a really good picture.


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