It’s a Mystery: Dirty Blonde, by Lisa Scottoline

4.0 out of 5 starsThe Judge

What a fun book! The eponymous Dirty Blonde is Cate Fante, a new federal judge with a very hot secret. She never dreams that it will become public, but there a Hollywood types involved in her latest trial, and they think her life will make a great TV drama. After she passes judgement on the lawsuit, the plaintiff and defendant each wind up dead. There are other interesting characters in the guise of Cate’s best friend, a former lawyer now struggling to do right by her little autistic son, and Cate has a secretary with the proverbial heart of gold, and two bright but colorfully immature law clerks. One of the other judges has it in for Cate, as does a city cop, and soon her idyllic life appears to be permanently in the trash can. Author Scottoline is a competent writer who spins out a lively, often humorous story that won’t win awards, but does entertain.


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