Watch This: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

3.0 out of 5 stars Still trying to forget

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a half and half sort of film. What’s good is very good, and what’s bad is pretty bad indeed. Here’s what I liked:
Jason Segal as the guy who gets dumped. He was the picture of morose self pity and the story’s beginning, and his performance grew more subtle as the plot progressed. Essentially, it’s about a nice but shallow guy who learns from his pain to be a more self aware, emotionally connected man, and Segal demonstrated this transformation with style and grace.

Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, for whom Jason got dumped. Brand’s relaxed, somewhat deadpan delivery turned his portrayal of the ultra-self-centered British rock star into brilliant parody.

Some of the humor. There are some genuinely funny moments, and the send up on today’s forensic and mystical TV series is one of the best.

The supporting cast, each of whom is spot on in their eccentricities.

Here’s what I disliked:

Sarah Marshall. Although Kristen Bell’s performance cannot be faulted, Sarah is simply shallow. Apart from her appearance, there’s not much there that’s appealing.

The movie’s pacing. Strong start, stagnating center, strong end. It left the impression that the story actually lacked a center, and the director filled the empty space with gratuitous, graphic sex scenes. LOTS of them. And they weren’t especially funny. The nudity, I suppose, is supposed to help sell the movie. It’s adolescent and way over done.

Three stars. Forgettable.


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