It’s a Mystery: Lost Souls, by Lisa Jackson

2.0 out of 5 starsVery slowwwww

Kristi Bentz has been victimized by an insane killer before, and has just now recovered to the point where she can return to college to finish her degree. Despite her history, she is inexplicably drawn to a campus mystery, having to do with four women (“coeds”) who have been reported missing. Kristi takes all sorts of risks, suspecting that members of a vampire cult have something to do with the missing women. Her professors in the English department, and the priests who minister to the Catholic school students, are all involved in some very suspicious activities. Kristi ignores her stepfather’s cautions, even though he’s a detective of justifiable renown, and recklessly embarks upon a mission to discover the truth about the campus crimes. Lost Souls is a soap opera of a romance novel, with over the top scenarios and an incredibly impetuous heroine. Lurid death scenes and sexual encounters make up a considerable portion of the plot, which is repetitive in the extreme. My recommendation: give this one a miss.


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