Watch This: Lost in Austen

5.0 out of 5 stars Fancy meeting you here…..

There’s nothing deep or literary about Lost in Austen. It’s a time travel tale that incorporates all the standard glitches, as 21st century Amanda tries to navigate her way around the style and conventions of the 19th century. Because she curls up with Austen every time she feels stressed, Amanda knows what should be happening in this strange new (old) world, but somehow, the characters simply won’t behave as planned.

If not taken too seriously, this foray into Pride and Prejudice is delightful. It’s genuinely entertaining to watch well known and loved characters adopt wills of their own. Jemima Rooper as Amanda is spot on, as she struggles to speak and conduct herself in accordance with Regency mores. Elliot Cowan makes a fine Mr. Darcy, although at times he seems to be channeling Heathcliff instead, and Tom Mison as Mr. Bingley threatens to upstage Darcy at several points. Supporting cast members are equally true to form. The scenery is stunning, and costumes reflect proper period detail, despite their rather muted colors.

Lost in Austen is a sweet, frothy romance that pays tribute to the original while providing a throughly modern twist. A pleasant way to while away a rainy afternoon.


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