It’s a Mystery: Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, by Janet Evanovich

3.0 out of 5 stars Bar-B-Q

Janet Evanovich  said in an interview that Stephanie and crew will never age during the course of this series. Big mistake, because Stephanie never learns, never makes life-enhancing choices, never grows. Kind of like Ground Hog Day. In this 15th episode, the plot, such as it is, descends into slapstick. Once an author resorts to fat and fart humor to serve as the central mechanism to moving along the story, you know she’s running out of ideas. This outing revolves loosely around Lula, who, having witnessed a murder, is in constant danger from the perps. A secondary thread concerns a string of robberies in establishments protected by Rangeman Securities. Not one, but at least four vehicles are bombed to smithereens. And formerly beloved characters are reduced to caricature. Narrator Lorelei King does her usual professional best, but not even she can save this farce. Here’s hoping Ms. Evanovich breaks her own rule and brings about some much needed change in Steph’s life.

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