Book Bloggers Beware!

Lately there’s been a huge increase in opportunities for readers who write reviews to obtain complimentary copies of  about-to-be released books. This afternoon I ran across the following caviat on the Book Blog:

The US Government is after me – and you, if you’re a book blogger.

If you get a free book, and don’t disclose this “vested interest” if you blog about it, you are now liable to five-figure fines.

Further on:

The FTC claims it is seeking to protect consumers from being gulled by “paid shills” masquerading as objective or independent commentators. That is a reasonably aim. Alas, as the legislation stands, it is maddeningly vague and confused but also insanely ambitious in its apparent aim to police hundreds of thousands of independent voices.

Well, I often review books that have been sent to me by publishers, but I resent being considered a “paid shill.” By the time I’ve read and reviewed any book, my “pay” amounts to about 20 cents an hour, if that. But from now on, in goes the disclaimer.
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4 thoughts on “Book Bloggers Beware!

  1. Now I’m going to sound like an idiot because I don’t remember who it was that said so, but . . . Someone on Twitter (also a book blogger) spoke to a rep from the FTC at Some Event and she said the FTC is absolutely, utterly not after book bloggers. But, I don’t sound very convincing, since I don’t remember who said it and I’m too tired to look it up. Still . . . it was good news.

  2. BEK says:

    Wow–just spent 30 minutes calling my Congressman and looking up every search term I could think of in Thomas for such a bill and I’m not finding anything. In the future, if you’re going to post information like this, a bill number would be very helpful.

    By the way, there’s no Federal agency titled. “FDC.”

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