Watch This: The Tudors, season 2

It’s TV, not a history lesson, and The Tudors, Season 2 delivers good period drama, with plenty of courtly plotting. Natalie Dormer brings grit and moxie to her role as Anne Boleyn, and while Henry VIII was a bit older than Rhys-Meyers appears, it’s amazing to watch as the king slides into the megalomania that characterized the second half of his reign. Nick Dunning is spot on as Anne’s cunning, cold father. Unfortunately, Anita Briem is miscast as Henry’s next paramour, Jane Seymour, who was not the beautiful, nubile temptress portrayed here. The highlight of this season, of course, is the execution of Queen Anne, and what a death scene Ms. Dormer turns in, showing the mettle that gave Anne the power to dethrone a sitting queen. And the final scene, Henry enjoying a “subtlety”, reveals him as the selfish tyrant that he truly was. This is a grand, sumptuous production, with eye popping costumes and scenery. While it could easily have gone over the top, the directors deserve credit for using at least a modicum of restraint. This series is great fun. If you want real history, read a book. Don’t take this DVD too seriously and you’ll have a wonderful viewing experience.


2 thoughts on “Watch This: The Tudors, season 2

  1. I thought Natalie Dormer played Anne so well. I agree, the history is quite fuzzy, but gorgeous visually so a fun thing to watch.

    I get the Canadian Station, and they’ve just started showing Season 3

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