Thriller: Hush, By Anne Frazier

3.0 out of 5 stars Madonna murderer

Author Anne Frazier has another persona, that of romance writer Theresa Weir, who produced such novels as Some Kind of Magic in the ’90’s.  If Hush is a fair example, her more recent venture into the crime/suspense genre  be considered a mixed success. Frazier has introduced a variation on the character of killer who preys upon women with the introduction of the Madonna Murderer, who targets unwed mothers and their newborn sons. The remaining  characters, however, are right out of central casting. Hush has been effusively touted as chilling, heart-thumping, and engrossing, but while there is plenty of gruesome detail (slicing off one’s own tattoo, for instance), the narrative lacks the edginess needed to stimulate genuine horror. From the get-go, the  romantic subplots are all too predictable. And somehow, there is never any doubt that this killer will be brought to book by protagonists who can survive anything.

Frazier is a competent writer, and Hush is not a bad novel, simply a formulaic one, enjoyable if you don’t expect more.


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