2009 Art History Reading Challenge – Finito!

Last night I finished the last of my 6 books for this challenge, The Thief of Venice. Challenge met! Enjoyed each of these selections.

Originally published November 25, 2008:

The Art History Reading Challenge: read at least 6 books about art in 2009. These can be either fiction or nonfiction, and can span every genre from historical fiction to graphic novel. Thanks to Sarah G. (http://rangersarah.blogspot.com/) for inviting me. For now, I’m listing six novels that have been waiting in the bookcase for a while, but if I finish early enough, I  may add more, perhaps in the nonfiction category.

The Last Van Gogh

by Alison Richmond

The Luncheon of the Boating Party

by Susan Vreeland


The Painter

by Will Davenport



Stone Virgin

by Barry Unsworth


The Thief of Venice

by Jane Langton


The Miracles of Prato

by Laurie Albanese and  Laura Morowitz

Pictures at an Exhibition

by Sarah Houghteling


4 thoughts on “2009 Art History Reading Challenge – Finito!

  1. Ooh, some of those I haven’t seen before! I will have to look them up and add them to the “to-read” list – that is the great thing about challenges, learning about new books.

  2. holly says:

    I agree, I’ve only read 1 of these- “Boating Party” – and its now 1 of my most-loved reads. Can’t wait to read these others, they sound quite fascinating!

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