It’s a Mystery: A Likeness in Stone, by Julia Wallis Martin

5.0 out of 5 stars Water and stone

A twenty year old cold case heats up quickly when a recreational diver discovers the victim’s skeleton, in the closet of a submerged house in a geographically isolated reservoir. The detective who reluctantly closed the case, DCI Driver, knows who killed the victim, but failed at the time to turn up sufficient evidence to snag the murderer. Driver’s now retired, but his heart leaps at the chance to rectify the situation. The murder involved four college friends, and although they separated after Helena’s death, their paths now converge, as they each realize that the police will be invading their lives yet again.

A Likeness in Stone is an intelligent, tautly written mystery in which the suspense builds chapter by chapter, as once air tight alibis crack at the seams. The general aura of uneasiness at the novel’s beginning morphs into menace and, ultimately, horror as the truth bubbles to the surface and the dark side of human nature is exposed. ¬†Likeness was published nearly 20 years ago, and like the murder at its center, it is a book that deserves new attention.


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