Historical Fiction: The Reserve, by Russell Banks

A hunk of a famous, Bohemian artist, who flies his own plane through the peaks and valleys of New York’s Adirondacks. A beautiful, wanton, socialite. A rugged mountain man. Incredible riches and borderline poverty. Incest, adultery, and murder. The Reserve is a novel that begs to become a movie starring Lauren and Bogart. Reminiscent of Fitzgerald and Hemingway, right down to the class struggle and the Spanish civil war, author Banks leads his readers through a morality play in which the hero becomes the victim of his own fatal flaw. Some of the characters are appealing and some downright narcissistic, but none are boring, and it’s a pleasure to become swept up in their dramas. The rich are not so different after all.


One thought on “Historical Fiction: The Reserve, by Russell Banks

  1. novelwhore says:

    Hi You’re History:

    I was thrilled to discover your site today, as I have a historical fiction novel that I think may be perfect for you: Historical fiction set in Victorian England! It definitely fits in with you “set” of books.

    I work in the marketing department of Putnam and Riverhead and we’re excited to announce the first title by debut novelist Erica Eisdorfer, THE WET NURSE’S TALE and extend an advanced readers copy to you.

    Featuring a bright and clever, sharp-tongued heroine in the business of nursing babies in Victorian England, this tale is endearing and gripping. Susan Rose is an atypical protagonist with a lovable personality that shines despite her low-class status. Try to imagine how Susan’s life goes astray when her child is sold to a London woman! While on a quest to find her son, Susan is thrown into a world of secrets and deception that will keep you turning the pages.

    Loved by author Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame, I’m confident you’ll enjoy Eisdorfer’s story and voice. If you’re interested in receiving an advanced readers edition please send me an email at Lydia.hirt@us.penguingroup.com with your mailing address.

    Thanks and I wish you continued success blogging & reading!

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