Modern Lit; Darling Jim, by Christian Moerk

5.0 out of 5 stars Storyteller

For centuries, storytellers have crisscrossed Ireland, weaving spells in the homes and pubs of towns and villages in return for room, board, and a little money. A few of these bards still remain in this age of instantaneous communication, and when a handsome young beguiler blows into quiet Castletownbere on his vintage motorcycle, the entire town, especially its women, falls subject to his charms.

Author Moerk imbues his tale with malevolent fairy tale and mythic elements, weaving a spell of mystery and menace from the very first page. Darling Jim is no mystery – we know who ends up dead – but, as the truth is unveiled via two diaries, the atmosphere grows increasingly sinister. There is more than one monster in this book.

Highly recommended to fans of subtle horror. (Note: Those who are easily offended by language and sexual content will not enjoy Darling Jim.


5 thoughts on “Modern Lit; Darling Jim, by Christian Moerk

  1. Great review! I will pass on this one since I am not a fan of the genre.

    I will be following your blog more closely now that our Yahoo group is gone.

  2. Lucia says:

    Read the book. Author threw in every thing but the kitchen sink. Confusing mishmash. Stereotyped characters–the middle-aged horny aunt, alcoholic Irish girl. And what is with the overuse of similes? Every other sentence. Got obnoxious after awhile.

    • katknit says:

      I did read the book, in 2 days. And truly enjoyed it. Sorry you did not, but “no 2 persons read the same book.”

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