Watch This: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Love and life have bypassed middle-aged Guinevere Pettigrew, who is the quintessential English governess, newly unemployed. Beautiful but ditsy American singer Delysia Lafosse is doing her utmost to land a plum role on the London stage. When Guinevere approaches Delysia in hopes of a job, opposites attract, and it isn’t long before Guinevere sets her mind to helping her find true happiness. And to eating as much as she possibly can before this bubble bursts.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is filled with humor and music, as Guinevere steers Delysia through her tumultuous day. Complications abound. The governess smokes a cigar, undergoes a makeover, and falls prey to blackmail from an unscrupulous social climber. Delysia, deaf to Guinevere’s wisdom, makes all the wrong decisions. Will Delysia ever find true happiness? Will Miss Pettigrew?

Frances McDormand is outstanding in the title role, while Amy Adams reprises her wide-eyed, golly-gee persona from Enchanted. Ciaran Hinds and Lee Pace are also well-cast. Pacing is quick and direction tight, and the visuals of the glamorous milieu of pre-WWII London are elegant and sophisticated. The bouncy, 1930’s era soundtrack perfectly sets the tone. A frothy romantic comedy with heart, highly recommended.

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