It’s a Mystery: The 37th Hour, by Jodi Compton

3.0 out of 5 stars Damaged goods

Recently promoted Detective Sara Pribeck is also a new wife. While she’s known her husband Shiloh for five years, what she doesn’t know about him probably exceeds what she does. Their marriage is only two months old when he disappears, after having encouraged her to make an overnight visit to her traumatized partner, Gen.

Naturally, Sara sets out to find her husband, and she hasn’t many clues to follow. Bit by bit, it becomes evident that the murder of partner Gen’s teenaged daughter, which happened in the recent past, is somehow connected to what happened to Shiloh.

The 37th Hour gets off to a strong, promising start, but fails to fulfill that promise with a slow middle and a weak, rather rushed conclusion. Threads raising questions about relationships, morals, revenge, and forgiveness wind up muddled, and the book’s final chapter leaves the reader hanging. A sequel seems likely, but author Compton would do well to strengthen her plotting skills before publishing again.


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