It’s a Mystery: Dust and Shadow, by Lindsay Faye

5.0 out of 5 stars Holmes, Watson, and Jack are back

New novelist Lyndsay Faye has done what few have managed before. She has resurrected Sherlock Holmes and company. Faye succeeds admirably in creating the ambience of the original novels, and by pitting Holmes against Jack the Ripper, presents him with a challenge worthy of his talents. The world’s greatest detective emerges true to form, with arrogance and foibles intact. Dr. Watson, dear as ever, remains at his side, but in this tale, he takes a more active role than was his wont. The usual lovely woman, in this case a fallen but by no means helpless one, assists with some hitherto hidden investigative skills, and may just find a life off Whitechapel’s streets. And off course Lestrade and Mycroft have their days under this new sun.
Faye has also created a theory about what might have happened to Jack, who in real life seems to just have up and vanished. And Faye’s scenario is more than elementary, it’s plausible. Dust and Shadow is a genuine page turner, rich in foggy Victorian atmosphere and a delight in which to lose yourself for a few suspense filled hours.


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