Lorenzo Dow loves Peggy

Quoted from Legendary Connecticut by David E Phillips

Despite his unattractive physical appearance, his eccentric behavior and his wandering ministry which kept him from home for long periods of time, Crazy Dow was married at least twice and made his permanent (if that’s the correct word for it) home, at various times in his life, in Hebron and in Montville. He apparently married his first wife when they were both quite young, but though she died after only a fewpeggy years of marriage, he seemingly held her in great esteem. For it is said by persons in Hope Valley who should know, that when his first wife died, he had her body wrapped in “cut after cut and fold after fold” of woolen cloth and then buried her without a coffin and standing bolt upright in the grave, so she could the more quickly and surely reach heaven. The epitaph on her gravestone reads: “Peggy Dow. Shared Vissitudes of Lorenzo.” The latter is probably a gross understatement.


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