Thriller: Hunting Season, by P. T. Deutermann

4.0 out of 5 stars Pro-Am

Ace FBI “Sweeper” Edwin Kreiss has retired in disgrace, having uncovered evidence against the wishes of his government. Novice Special Agent Janet Carter, with the same “weakness” for insisting on telling the truth, is assigned to the investigation when Kreiss’s daughter disappears on a camping trip. Kreiss has agreed to abstain from anything remotely connected to police work, but when the local Bureau rolls his daughter’s case over to Missing Persons, he decides he’ll have to take matters into his own hands. And all hell breaks loose. With bomb cells, a derelict arsenal, mountain men, Christian militia, and treacherous political infighting, Carter is hard pressed to identify the “enemy” and Kreiss doesn’t care who he has to take out in order to recover his daughter. The hunters become the hunted in this no holds barred techno-thriller, filled with secret weapons, double dealing, and non-stop, ever perilous action.


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