Monday Morning Poem: May Morning

by Stephen Vincent Benet

I lie stretched out upon the window-seat
And doze, and read a page or two, and doze,
And feel the air like water on me close,
Great waves of sunny air that lip and beat
With a small noise, monotonous and sweet,
Against the window — and the scent of cool,
Frail flowers by some brown and dew-drenched pool
Possesses me from drowsy head to feet.

This is the time of all-sufficing laughter
At idiotic things some one has done,
And there is neither past nor vague hereafter.
And all your body stretches in the sun
And drinks the light in like a liquid thing;
Filled with the divine languor of late spring.


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Poem: May Morning

  1. tcbmeagan says:

    This poem is simple and sweet. I like the photograph you put next to the poem, it fits it very well. Did you take the photograph? Its very nice.

    When I read the poem i felt like I was the person sitting by the window seat. The imagery of this, is just wonderful.

    The poem is a perfect length too.

  2. Sorry for my delayed response~

    I would agree the poem and the photo make me want to curl up by the window with a good book, a cup of coffee and music in the background.

    Have you written other poems with pictures & a poem together?

    Do you only write poetry or do you write other types of genres too?

    I like your sense of writing style! I would appreciate your input when I post my poems on my blog this week!

    Have a good one,


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