It’s a Mystery: The Overlook, by Michael Connelly

4.0 out of 5 stars 12 hours

When his lieutenant phones him after midnight, Harry is still awake. Arriving at the scenic overlook above Mulholland Dam, he finds a man dead in an execution style shooting. The victim’s a medical physicist with daily access to dangerous radioactive substances, and it soon appears that he has been forced to supply a large quantity of cesium to terrorists. FBI agents show up almost immediately, and the competition to solve this case begins.

Connelly incorporates characters familiar to his readers from earlier Bosch novels, as well as a new and personable young partner, Iggie Ferras. It takes some fancy footwork on Harry’s part to buck the system and untangle disparate threads. Not one of the edgier Bosch novels, but fun to watch him grapple with problems he has never had to face before. Still living up to his Nam nickname, Harry Kari.

The Overlook was originally published in serial form in the New York Times.


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