DaVinci’s Face ID’d in Stained Glass Window

A new, vividly colored portrait, believed to be that of Leonardo da Vinci, has emerged from the windows of Arezzo’s Cathedral in Tuscany, Italy. According to Alezzandro Vezzosi, director of the Museo Ideale in Leonardo’s home town (Vinci), the stained-glass portrait dates to around 1520, one year after Leonardo’s death in Amboise, France.

“The hypothesis is strengthened by the fact that a detail from ‘The Last Supper’ is evoked in the scene,” Vezzosi said. “The figure next to the old bearded man strongly recalls the profile of the apostle Matthew in Leonardo’s masterpiece.”

The scene, which shows the biblical story known as the Raising of Lazarus, is part of a renowned portfolio of stained-glass work by the undisputed master of the time, the French artist Guillaume de Pierre di Marcillat (1475-1529).

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