It’s a Mystery: Fearless Fourteen, by Janet Evanovich

3.0 out of 5 stars Quirky as ever

Buckle up that seat belt and get ready for the ride – Stephanie’s back with Lula, Connie, Gramma, and the guys. What Fearless Fourteen may lack in plot (though that’s not half bad), it makes up for in humor. Goofy new characters (Zook, Stalker Gary, and the Moonman) help pump things up. Very amusing, silly in places, witty in others. Stephanie gets blue, literally, and  guys with holes in their foreheads keep popping up around her. IMO, it’s time for Steph and Morelli to quit fooling around and tie the knot already. Perhaps next time… And is Lula about to become Mrs. Tank?

Lots of fun. Peerlessly narrated by Lorelei King.


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