It’s a Mystery: Almost Home, by Pam Jenoff

3.0 out of 5 stars Reunion

It’s difficult to believe that Jordan Weiss is an intelligence officer. In Almost Home, she is introduced as such, with allusions to dodging hails of gunfire and helicopter escapes in Liberia. The plot of this novel is an intriguing one, and it plays out with a fair measure of success. Jordan returns to London ten years after earning her Cambridge degree, ten years after the tragic, seemingly accidental death of Jared Short, the man she had hoped to marry. Now she finds herself enmeshed in a case involving money laundering by terrorists. To complicate matters, Chris, Jared’s best friend, has discovered that he was murdered, and lures her into helping him uncover the truth about his death. Jordan accepts her new assignment, but for such a seasoned operative, in this story she copes with stress by running away – literally. She impresses as a bumbler, incapable of asserting her own will, being pulled hither and yon by whomever she is with at the moment. Death follows in Jordan’s wake. Often verging on hysteria, it’s a wonder that, eventually, she does resolve the mysteries, but not without a lot of help. The book is also plagued by annoying little inconsistencies, as when on one page, a colleague’s sweater is blue, then paragraphs later, pink. Five stars for plotting and writing style, three for characters and attention to detail.


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