History News: Is This the Real Shakespeare?

A newly discovered painting, in private hands for 300 years, may just be the only (known) portrait of William Shakespeare painted in his own lifetime. Does it matter? Probably not to some people, but it does to me. I’m one of those who believe that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare. He’s one of my favorite topics to read about and study. We once were lucky enough to attend a performance of As You Like It, performed outdoors on the grounds of Welles Cathedral. At the intermission, tea and cookies (excuse me, biscuits) were served on the lawn. Anyway, the evidence in favor of the portrait’s  authenticity is supposed to be announced today.

Link to the fascinating article at TimesOnline:

Times article.

3 thoughts on “History News: Is This the Real Shakespeare?

  1. This is becoming suspicious because just a few weeks ago, someone was claiming he found an original portrait of DaVinci.

  2. Whether or not the portrait is authentic, I agree with you regarding the authenticity of Shakespeare as the author of the works attributed to him.

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