It’s a Mystery: Cold Case, by Kate Wilhelm

3.0 out of 5 stars Latest but not the best

Barbara Holloway is a brilliant defense attorney with little stomach for the sorts of maneuvers required to attain acquittal. When she does accept a case, it always takes a lot out of her, both physically and emotionally. At this point, she’s in a great relationship, the personal part of her life in order. But her latest case, a double murder trial, involving 2 victims who died 22 years apart, in the vicinity of her client, is about to shake her up professionally. For Barbara, though she believes in the innocence of the accused, can’t get a handle on an effective way to counter the charges.

Cold Case is set up well enough to build interest, and the finale is also adequately satisfying. What the heart of the book lacks, however, is a sense of urgency and danger, consisting mainly of long passages of “woe is me, what are we going to do” teeth gnashing by Barbara and her team. To her  credit, the author did not resort to any DNA/forensic rabbits in the hat, bringing Barbara to her solution with good old fashioned evidence examination. But all in all, this is a lackluster outing for the Holloways.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery: Cold Case, by Kate Wilhelm

  1. I just love your book reviews; short, concise, and on target. Some titles and covers look so interesting and with the cost of books so high, it’s good to have info to keep me from buying a bummer!

  2. Linda in Maine says:

    Well, too bad it missed the mark in the middle, because it sounds as if the author was on the right track. You give us a great flavor of what to expect when we pick a book up. Thanks!

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