Modern Lit: As Simple as Snow, by Gregory Galloway

3.0 out of 5 stars Simply simple

As Simple as Snow has been touted as anything but simple, full of mystery and subtle sorcery. For most readers over a certain age, however, (let’s place it high at 35), it’s nothing more than a slight twist on the typical, angst filled coming of age story. Ordinary, self-consciously unimaginative boy meets intellectual, ostentatiously quirky girl. She lures him with enigmatic word and number games, he falls into sophomore- year love with her, then she up and disappears. The town is frantic, thinking she’s been murdered, but the enigmatic games continue in the form of cryptic messages, while taxpayers’ money goes down the drain. Not surprising in the world of adolescents, the boy’s only other friend also disappears. While this plot, for a while, generates interest as to their fates, what passes for resolution is, annoyingly, merely more questioning and angst. At the end of the interlude, a period of about six months, the boy has matured into a whole new identity because of what this girl taught him, and by implication, will grow into literary and personal greatness. The unnamed sophomore is a nicer kid than Holden Caulfield, but the drama’s the same. Recommended for the “young adult” genre.


3 thoughts on “Modern Lit: As Simple as Snow, by Gregory Galloway

  1. LInda in Maine says:

    Not for my generation, but then I suppose Catcher in the Rye wasn’t for people my age either. I’ll pass, but hope it finds an audience. Nice review.

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