Simply Summer Spaghetti

It’s Labor Day already (happy weekend!) and our Connecticut garden is still cranking out those zucchini and summer squashes. This is a good time to share our absolutely favorite recipe for those oh-so-abundant veggies. No genuine pasta involved, so it’s relatively light in calories.

1 large zucchini, or 1 medium zucchini and I medium yellow squash

Fresh garlic, chopped

Oil (we use olive oil)

Grated cheese of your choice.

Cut unpeeled squashes in half lengthwise. With vegetable peeler, shred the squash in long whole strips down to the seed core. Seeds can be included or discarded as preferred.

Saute garlic (amount to taste) in hot oil. Add squash strips. Stir fry to desired softness.

Season with shredded romano or pecorino cheese, cracked pepper, lemon juice, or whatever your heart desires.


That’s it! What could be simpler? This is a fun recipe to get creative with, and it consumes those sqashes like crazy. Happy end of summer to all!



One thought on “Simply Summer Spaghetti

  1. That sounds fabulous!

    BTW, I believed that birds would abandon the young if handled by humans too. That’s good to know because ocassionally you come across a baby bird that has fallen from a nest.

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