Our Own Little Lion King

This handsome little guy came to us via our daughter, who discovered that his previous owners, who had recently moved away, simply abandoned him. Her house is across the street, and when she discovered his plight, she took him under her wing, naming him Mr Oh (O for orange.) She already owns two Siamese, who did not take kindly to Oh, so we adopted him. Oh is a cuddler, very mellow most of the time, but he does love to chase another of our fur children, Troodles, who is much smaller than Oh and is also a rescued pet. He seems to be in large part of the Maine Coon persuasion, about 2 years old. We call him our Lion King for obvious reasons.


2 thoughts on “Our Own Little Lion King

  1. holly says:

    You have made a miserable day so much better! Thank God for caring hearts such as yours and your daughter’s. I feel like me and my sore throat can make it thru the day now.

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