DVD Review: Herculaneum Uncovered

5.0 out of 5 stars A different sort of death

Herculaneum, through history, has always been eclipsed by its fellow victim, Pompeii. Now, however, it is receiving the research and restoration that this city from the past deserves. The absence of bodies in the well-preserved town suggested that the citizens of Herculaneum had all escaped before the pyroclastic flow covered it over. In 1981, public works employees discovered a cache of skeletons in a boathouse outside the city proper. Sadly, it appeared that they had all been killed not by lava or ash, but by the intense heat the preceded the flow. Since that time, extensive research has been ongoing. This well-produced DVD tells the story of what has been found and deduced so far. Herculaneum is far better preserved, with many structures intact, than is Pompeii. Fascinating.


2 thoughts on “DVD Review: Herculaneum Uncovered

  1. Hi, I’ve seen it and it’s wonderful. Those poor people thought they could hide in the caves but they must have suffered a ghastly death in the end. But I recommend this to DVD everyone.

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