Which Side of Your Brain Are You Using Right Now?

This is positively amazing, you’ve just gotta check it out for yourself. The link below will lead you to a website on which there is a moving image. Some people see it one way, some another, and a relative few can see it both ways. You’ll believe it when you see it!


6 thoughts on “Which Side of Your Brain Are You Using Right Now?

  1. rhozee says:

    She can move both ways because the image is a 2-D silhouette. The position where her legs ‘cross-over’ is just a black blob. Your brain has built in models for the human figure that allow you to interpret the 2-D image into a 3-D form (as you observe the movement you generate the idea of thighs moving). It can definitely be seen both ways once you convince yourself that it is a 2-D black blob open for mental interpretation.
    Now the question is why do some people have a dominant interpretation for direction? That is a bit more complicated and has to do with how images are mapped to our occipital lobe and then interpreted by us — I’ll have to think about that one more!

  2. Pretty good. I find if I just look to the right of the moving image and watch the image out of the corner of my eyes I can reverse the image.

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