Watch This: Enchanted

5.0 out of 5 stars A true love’s kiss and a dragon

Ingeniously incorporating a mix of memorable elements from earlier fantasy classics, including The Wizard of Oz, Men in Tights, King Kong, and their own fairy tale repertoire, the Disney folks, whose products are often annoying, have turned up a winner. Filmed like a musical, Enchanted is a delightful, sometimes fanciful , sometimes realistic tale about make believe characters who wind up in NYC because of the curse of an evil queen. Amy Adams and James Marsden are perfectly cast as the innocent, ingenuous maiden and prince, and Susan Sarandon overacts deliciously as the evil queen. Patrick Dempsey provides just the right contrast in his role as wordly, disappointed-in-love divorce lawyer, and, as his daughter, little Rachel Covey hits just the right note, neither too precocious nor too sweet. The hundreds of animals are right off the pages of Cinderella, even the bees, the pigeons, and the rats. The reactions of the New Yorkers who encounter the strange ensemble are priceless.
There are few surprises here, but its very predictably, presented in such a charmingly magical way, results in a film that lifts the heart as it entertains. The settings, costumes, music, and special effects are all first rate. In this film about love, what’s not to love?


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