Padre Pio Exhumed

By Philip Pullella

ROME (Reuters) 3/4/08

The body of the mystic monk Padre Pio, one of the Roman Catholic world’s most revered saints who died 40 years ago, has been exhumed to be prepared for display to his many devotees.

The body of the Capuchin friar, who was said to have had the stigmata — the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion — on his hands and feet — is to be conserved and put in a part-glass coffin for at least several months from April 24.

A Church statement said the body was in “fair condition”, particularly the hands, which Archbishop Domenico D’Ambrosio, who witnessed the exhumation in the southern Italian town where Pio died, said “looked like they had just undergone a manicure”.

A spokesman for the monastery at San Giovanni Rotondo said he believed morticians would be able to conserve the face of the bearded monk well enough for it to be recognizable.

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6 thoughts on “Padre Pio Exhumed

  1. I remembered some time ago when news on italian tv (i’m Italian) talked about that. They talked about the origin of the stigmata. The question is/was if it was real or it was done with acid or similar.

    Bye 🙂

  2. Colleen C. says:

    God bless St. Pio-may he rest in peace. I am a firm believer in this WONDERFUL MONK. I wish I could go to Italy and visit St. Pio. He suffered enough for us all, as Jesus Christ has-let their suffering be a reminder we are all sinners but can get our lives on the right track. Confess, fast, go to church, recite the rosary, pray and do what you know is the right! I love you St. Pio-God bless your work while on earth-you are missed and loved. Your suffering will always be remembered by me and I know you are smiling down onto us each day. Hug Jesus, Blessed Mother, God and all my departed family/friends for me. Pray for us that we all stay healthy,safe,strong in faith/love and good Christians. Hear my silent prayers Oh St. Pio and bring them to the ears of Our Lord. God Bless St. Pio!!!!!!!

  3. Br. Paul Tentow says:

    The life of P.Pio and the signs he left has been a source of consolation and assurance for many all over the continents. His sainthood encourages someone like me who is a young religious – 24 years old. i think that P Pio played and is playing a role in the reformation of the church, as St Francis of Assisi did. He gives me the courage to carry on in faith in the church of God and in the religious life despite the scandals that surrounds it.

  4. katknit says:

    I like your comparison of Pio to Francis. People who have the sort of impact that these two men exert are extraordinary. Thank you, Brother, for your comment.

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