Mystery: Murder at the Old Vicarage, by Jill McGown

5.0 out of 5 stars All in the family

It’s Christmas Eve at the old English vicarage, and daughter Joanna is back living with her parents, recovering from the last beating delivered by her husband. Graham suddenly appears desperate to reunite with Joanna. Then why does he hit her yet again? The vicar Wheeler and his wife are fit to be tied, yet are obligated to carry on with the church’s holiday traditions. But someone takes a fireplace poker to Graham, and Inspector Lloyd and assistant Judy Hill know with certainty that one of the Wheelers has done the deed. But all three have iron clad alibis….

Murder at the Old Vicarage is an intricately crafted mystery ala the master of the genre, Agatha Christie, who wrote the famous Murder at the Vicarage. This new novel pays homage to Christie, and is as full of twists and turns and cul de sacs as any English hedge maze. A most intelligent, intriguing, and enjoyable classic mystery story.


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