Rome 2008: Around Town

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They say Rome is a city best seen on foot, and, whoever they might be, they’re right. Tony and I spent hours and hours walking to specific destinations and just wandering here and there, wherever we spotted something of interest. Here are just a few of the sights we encountered along the way.

Bernini’s Santa Terese in Ecstasy in the Church of S Maria della Vittoria
Rome has always had its share of people begging on the streets and especially on the steps of the hundreds of churches. Now the city must cope with an influx of refugees from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This woman was begging as we entered this church, and on the way out, we watched her pack up her take and climb onto her very nice motorcycle. Beware!

View from Piazza Quirinale

Gelato at the Fountain of Trevi. Mmmm.

Who wouldn’t be enticed into eating here?



Fountain and yet more gelato. I think I can spot a trend developing here!


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