Biography: The Unredeemed Captive

by John Demos


The Unredeemed Captive is a meticulously researched history. Not a historical novel, not a screenplay, it is intended to inform, not to entertain. If you approach this book with a clear understanding of its purpose, it is quite enjoyable. Eunice Williams’ sister Esther, who was also taken captive, moved to the town where I now live and is buried in our oldest cemetery. Her very large tombstone tells something of her story. I’ve often wondered why, although they are both daughters of a minister who was kidnapped along with most of their family, Esther and her other siblings came home when given the chance, but Eunice alone chose to stay. Well, Demos does a good job of inferring possible reasons from 300 year old data. If you find the writing style boring (as many reviewers seem to think), it’s possible to skim over those parts and read only the narrative of Eunice’s story. It’s fascinating.

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