Historical Fiction: Messenger of Truth


The fourth Maisie Dobbs mystery.

Set in post WWI England, this mystery series involves one Maisie Dobbs, a low-born commoner who by her own merits gains a Cambridge education, becomes a psychologist, and opens an “agency of inquiry.” This time around, Nick Bassington-Hope, controversial artist, falls to his death while mounting his most recent, eagerly awaited works of art. Nick’s twin sister, society girl and intrepid reporter Georgina, can’t believe it was an accident, and engages Maisie to discover the truth. Class inequities, war horrors, political double dealing, smuggling, illicit affairs all combine to cloud the picture. In this fourth installment, Maisie is a bit too perfect, a bit too amazing, a bit too much in control, yet this somewhat traditional, old fashioned mystery still manages to compel.  Readers who are not familiar with the first three novels may want to start at the beginning, though this is not strictly necessary.


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