Historical Fiction: The Daughter of Time

Readers of history know that history is never quite what it seems – the old adage about it being written by the winners often applies, and such is the case in The Daughter of Time. I read this classic about ten years ago when the story was new to me, and remember feeling quite confused by the large cast of late medieval characters. When I came across this audio version, I had to give it a listen. Derek Jacobi’s rendition is delightful, breathing life into what can read as mere factual prose. His rendition of the young American researcher reminded me of Jimmy Cagney, but this simply added some levity to an engrossing tale. I’m convinced – now if YOU want to know whether Richard III was a deformed monster or simply a much maligned monarch, give this entertaining and informative performance of Tey’s well-respected investigative mystery a try. It’s stood the test of time.


3 thoughts on “Historical Fiction: The Daughter of Time

  1. Nice review! I know that when I first read this book, it helped me take a much different perspective on Richard III. If other Ricardians want to share some other titles with me, I’d be interested in reading further!


  2. Gayla Collins says:

    Interesting review, Linda. I might read it but I might not. How is that for being precise and making a commitment. LOL


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